LEED/Propane program

Russo Lawn and Landscape is always looking for options to improve our reduction of Carbon Based Emissions.  We truly believe that Landscape Professionals should be stewards to the environment. With much research we have started the use of clean burning propane to fuel some of our large mowing equipment.

Reducing carbon based emissions with Russo Lawn & Landscape

Just this small change reduces more than 50% of gasoline burned emission per machine.  In 2013 we introduced 6 propane units to our fleet.  There has been nothing but great reviews from all parties involved.  The Facilities Managers had the most positive feedback.

In years past there was always the concerns of carbon based fuel exhaust entering their extremely sensitive air handling systems.  With propane that no longer becomes a concern as propane is certified to be used as a fuel to power many interior equipment such as fork lifts and floor cleaning machines.  The use of environmental friendly landscape equipment also helps towards our client’s LEED certification.

Below are links to some great articles about Russo going green and converting into propane.  Please call the office if you have further questions about our LEED initiative.