Mulching Services

Here at Russo Lawn and Landscape we have just added our second Finn bark blower to our fleet. This will allow us to install and distribute bark mulch more efficiently, reducing the labor. We are continually finding ways to pass the savings to our clients.

Russo Lawn Mulching ServicesOur Mulch Blowing Service

  • 400 feet of hose provides ultimate coverage and reaches any tight location
  • Automation means cost-effective, timely and efficient installation
  • Ideal for coverage on hills, steep inclines and large areas

Additional Mulching Services

  • Blown-in topsoil and compost with the same system
  • Rooftop planters
  • Live roof installations

With the addition of our new bark blower, we have the ability to distribute our own compost that we make at our facility.  Incorporating compost within your turf management program has nothing but positive results. Many sites, as they are developed, are stripped of the topsoil and any of the natural organics. We recommend fall turf aeration with compost installation, this will help develop an eco-system under your turf that will reduce the amount of control products that are needed to produce season long results.

Various Mulches Are Available

  • Hemlock mulch
  • Pine bark mulch
  • Dark dyed brown mulch
  • Certified Playground mulch
  • Playground fiber
  • Erosion-control chips
  • DOT wood chip mulch